PBi-am developed three stock shape of Polyimide "SCM6000 series"

New stock shapes having excellent heat resistance and mechanical properties

PBI Advanced Materials (PBi-am)' SCM6000 series is a compression molded stock shape by PBI Method made from polyimide provided by Evonik Ind., and offers high performance at high temperatures. Especially, SCM6000 series shows excellent mechanical properties.


New products include the following 3 grades.


SCM6000 series shows good heat resistance like conventional polyimides. Its glass transition temperature (Tg) is 337°C and heat deflection temperature (HDT) is 319°C. Parts made of SCM6000 series are excellent performers in thermally and mechanically stress applications.

About PBI Advanced Materials

PBI Advanced Materials (PBi-am) is a company specializing in ultra engineering plastics. PBi-am products are developed as compounded materials using special fillers or carbon fiber. PBi-am produces stock shapes, machined parts, and injection molded parts. All of PBi-am products are designed to customer’s requirements.