How to choose Stock Shapes

How to choose

A specialist for Stock Shapes

PBI Advanced Materials (PBi-am) is a company specializing in ultra engineering plastics. PBi-am products are developed as compounded materials using special fillers or carbon fiber.

PBi-am produces stock shapes for machining that is introduced in this website. In addition to these stock shapes, we develop special grades to meet your needs and offer such services as machining and injection molding.

Work with our group company, Sato Light Industry Co., Ltd., we can provide you with a consistent support from material development to injection molded finished product.

If you are looking for specialized materials, please feel free to contact us.

Choose by Property

PBi-am has had stock shapes with many requests in stock as standard products.

There are the features which is different for each product. This website has been introduced our products mainly from the following four categories associated with electronic and semiconductor manufacturing.

Choose by Molding Process

PBi-am produces stock shapes using a compression molding technique in main.

Stock shapes made by compression molding has isotropic physical properties with less deformation such as warping phenomenon unlike stock shapes made by extrusion molding method. Another advantage of the compression molding is to be able to produce small number of trial products with less production cost.

In order to produce a low-cost stock shapes, we are also utilizing injection molding technique.

Choose by Base Resin

PBi-am has developed the special grade of high heat resistance plastics known as ultra engineering plastics including “PBI” “PEEK” “PI” “TPI” under the brand name of “PBi Shapes”.

To help you choose the right stock shapes

As an expert of stock shapes, PBi-am will continue to provide information that can help customers choose the right materials through this website.