Security Trade Control

In accordance with the provisions of the Export Trade Control Order, when exporting our products, the prior permit of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry may be needed.

◆ Following products are the targets of regulation.

For more information, please refer to the Security Trade Control pages in METI website.

Registered Trademarks


PBI is a high performance plastic developed by then Celanese Corp. sponsored by NASA (National Aviation and Space Agency) and AFML (Air Force Materials Laboratory), most highest thermo elastic heat resistive plastic in the world with 600°C or more of heat decomposition temperature, 410°C of HDT (Heat Deflection Temperature) and 427°C of Tg (Glass Transition Temperature) and exhibits excellent thermal stability, resistance to chemicals, acid and base hydrolysis and temperature resistance.
At the moment, a US entity, PBI Performance Products Inc, is a sole producer of PBI raw material, and Sato Group is the licensee of the molding.

PBI is a registered trade mark of PBI Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd. (in Japan)


Celazole is a registered trade mark of PBI Performance Products, Inc.